Setup page HTML to match your theme


As every theme is different we designed a way to let you adjust the Forym page layout to make sure it will fit your theme.

By default we wrap all content into the following default containers:

<div class="content">
<div class="side"><!--sidebar--></div>

However, this default setup may not look nice on your theme. In that case, you want to adjust the container and make it look exactly like your themes page.php file.

To find the code of your themes page.php container setup there are a few options.

  • Open your themes folder, find the page.php file open it and find the default HTML structure wrapping around the page content.
  • Use Google Chromes code inspector to search the source code of your website and find the page container structure directly from your website.
  • Contact your theme developer and ask them the page container structure for your theme.

Once you know the page HTML structure go to the Forym General Settings and open the Page Settings tab. Under Page HTML you can define where you want the content to show by adding:


And you can include a sidebar using:


If you choose to include a sidebar (using <!–sidebar–>) you also can specify which specific sidebar you want to use. Under the Page HTML textfield you find a dropdown with all available sidebars (widget areas). Just select the one you want to use for the forum pages and Save settings.